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Category: Nutrition

How Effective Is Chiropractic Care?

Written By Destination Wellness on May 13, 2022

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care. If you are on the fence about receiving chiropractic care for your chronic pain, chances are you have questions about its effectiveness. Destination Wellness is a chiropractic office based in Manalapan,... Read More

Emotional EatingĀ and How to Overcome It

Written By Destination Wellness on February 4, 2021

EMOTIONAL EATING and How to Overcome It Sitting in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream after a breakup. Coming home from work and going right to the pantry for a snack. Munching on treats while pulling an all-nighter... Read More

Top 5 Health Benefits of Acupuncture You Need to Know

Written By Destination Wellness on April 15, 2019

Everybody knows about acupuncture, but few have tried it. It’s understandable, considering that having needles in your skin doesn’t sound like the most pleasant thing in the world. But acupuncture is actually believed to be able to cure a number of health... Read More

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