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IASTM: How Effective Is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation?

Written By Destination Wellness on February 14, 2020

muscle tensionMuscle tension – who doesn’t suffer from this?

It seems like an epidemic these days since everyone deals with so much stress. 

Thankfully, your Manalapan chiropractor can help with something called IASTM, or instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation. A muscle tension treatment like this helps reduce your pain and even improve your overall health.  

What Is IASTM Muscle Pain Treatment in Manalapan?

Dr. Richard Allen uses an IASTM tool to break up the muscle tension by eliminating tension in the fascia, the thin connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and organs. When the fascia bunches up, it keeps the muscles in a state of contraction, leading to pain, numbness and tingling, and even loss of range of motion. 

How Effective Is This Type of Muscle Tension Treatment?

Dr. Allen’s patients have found IASTM to be an effective muscle pain treatment. 

With the IASTM tool, Dr. Allen promotes healing of the soft tissues through a healthy inflammatory response. Breaking up the fascia, and therefore muscle tension leads to improved energy flow, like acupuncture treatments

Not only does this tool break up constricted fascia, but it also breaks up scar tissue, something that can significantly reduce the range of motion and lead to long-term pain. 

Reducing Muscle Tension Leads to Improved Health and Wellness

When you invest in therapies that reduce muscle tension, you don’t just reduce your pain – you improve your overall health and wellness. 

Muscle tension can lead to a build-up of waste materials/toxins in your body, which cause pain and bring your immune system down. Lack of proper blood and lymph flow can also lead to even more tension and pain, as well as a loss of range of motion. 

If you want to feel better, you need to find ways to reduce your muscle tension, including IASTM from your Manalapan chiropractor. 

Curious to learn more about instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation? Contact us at 732-780-7333 Extension 1. We’ll answer all your question about this pain- and tension-relieving technique. 


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